Alli review UK

Alli review UKAlli diet pills are the only over-the-counter pills that have been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It’s a clinically proven fat blocker that should only be taken by adults with a BMI of 28 or over. Alli went on sale on the highstreet in 2009 in the UK and is now available to buy online.

You may already of heard of Alli under the American brand name Xenical. The active ingredient is called Orlistat.

Orlistat is prescribed to patients who are obese. Alli is half the strength and is available over-the-counter.

What benefits will you see from Alli pills?

  • Block 30% of the fat in your diet
  • Instantly cut your calorie intake
  • Lose weight at a safe rate
  • Dieting will feel more rewarding

For every 2lbs you lose with dieting, you will lose an extra 1lb taking Alli. Results will come quicker, keeping you motivated and happy.

How does Alli work?

The main ingredient in Alli is called Orlistat, this drug works by blocking the absorbtion of fat into your body – about 30% of the fat you eat. Orlistat attaches itself to the natural enzymes in the stomach , stopping them from digesting the fat. The undigested fat is not absorbed and passes through the body naturally.

Alli diet pill side effects

The side effects of Alli are no secret. The makers highlight these side effects and explain how to control them when you start taking Alli.

The fat that is blocked has to go somewhere, most users experience oily stools to start with. When they reduce the fat in their diet, the side effects are dramatically reduced.

Does Alli work?

Yes it’s clinically proven and is prescribed by Doctors in the UK and America as an effective weight loss solution.

Take a look at this NHS article:

“The only medicines in the UK specifically licensed for the treatment of obesity are called orlistat (Alli) and sibutramine. Orlistat works by reducing the absorption of the fat you eat. Sibutramine increases the feeling of fullness when you eat by boosting levels of the chemical, serotonin, which is naturally made in your body.

Both these drugs have been clinically proven to help people lose weight.”

Read the full NHS article

Orlistat is the medical name for Alli and Xenical.

Alli diet pills conclusion

We strongly recommend Alli as an effective weight loss aid. It’s prescribed by Doctors and will work to help you lose weight.

Alli review UKAlli diet pills can be bought on the highstreet from Boots, Lloyds and even supermarkets.

However, it’s cheaper and more discreet to buy Alli. are based in the UK and are the cheapest online retailer.

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