Hoodia Mint review UK

Hoodia mint reviewHoodia Gordonii is the worlds most popular herbal appetite suppressant. Well known for it’s ability to fight off hunger pangs it has helped thousands of people take control of their weight.

Hoodia Mint’s are a different way to consume Hoodia Gordonii, as an alternative to the convientional herbal diet pill that is usually swallowed 1 – 3 times per day.

The added ingredent Xylitol – a natural low calorie sweeter which is suppose to take away the bitterness of Hoodia Gordonii. These weight loss mints may be a good option for people who have a problem swallowing diet pills.

Why choose Hoodia Mints over diet pills?

This is a quote taken from the companies website:

In order to overcome the naturally bitter taste of Hoodia Gordonii in it’s original form, we have added a fresh minty taste to our tablets to allow even people unable to take standard capsules, the ability to benefit from Hoodia!

This statement isn’t completely correct as most Hoodia Gordonii is swallowed in tablet form or is absorbed through your skin using a diet patch. Unless you were to chew on a diet pill (not recommended) you wouldn’t taste the Hoodia.

However, Hoodia Mint’s are a very easy and simple way to take Hoodia. By sucking or chewing the mints a couple of times per day you will take in upto 1000mg of Hoodia Gordonii which well help to suppress your appetite and control your weight.

How does Hoodia Gordonii work?

The active molecule in Hoodia Gordonii (P57) works like glucose does – by transmitting a signal to your brain to let it know that you are full which helps suppress your appetite almost straight away. Hoodia Gordonii is 10,000 times more powerful than glucose.

The Hoodia Gordonii cactus plant is only found in South Africa. The BBC reports:

“There is a part of your brain, the hypothalamus. Within that mid-brain there are nerve cells that sense glucose sugar.

“When you eat, blood sugar goes up because of the food, these cells start firing and now you are full.

What the Hoodia seems to contain is a molecule that is about 10,000 times as active as glucose.

It goes to the mid-brain and actually makes those nerve cells fire as if you were full. But you have not eaten. Nor do you want to.”

Click here to read the full BBC article

Hoodia Mint ingredients

Apart from Hoodia Gordonii, Hoodia Mints contain Xylitol – this is a natural low calorie sweetener that is in many of the foods you buy in the supermarket and is often given to diabetics as a safer alternative to sugar.

It makes the Hoodia more pleasurable to eat and gives it a minty taste.

Hoodia Mint review conclusion

We like the idea of Hoodia Mint’s, they’re perfect for people who have trouble swallowing herbal diet pills or would just prefer to swap their normal mints for a weight loss mint.

There is mostly positive customer reviews about this product. The only downside is that at about £43 for a 6 week supply of mints it is quite expensive.

Hoodia Mint’s can be purchased from your local Holland and Barrett store.

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