Hydroxycut review UK

Hydroxycut review UKHydroxcut is one of the most popular selling diet pills in America. It’s a popular fat burner that has been linked to celebrities and promises rapid weight loss.

The product may be effective, but is it safe? On May 3rd 2009 Hydroxycut was recalled all of their 14 weight loss aids after it was linked to causing serious liver damage.

Hydroxycut have since created a new formula and released several new products. These are available to buy online or at Holland and Barrat.

How does Hydroxcut work

Hydroxycut is a fat burner, it works by increasing the body’s metabolism to use more calories. Lets take a look at the ingredients that do this:

Garcinia Cambogia – A tropical plant extract that contains high levels of hydroxycitric acid (HDC), which is effective at increasing the body’s modulation of lipids and therefore providing a significant boost to bodily metabolism.

Green Tea – This is found in many herbal diet pills and has been proven to increase metabolism by significantly increasing thermogenesis – this process creates heat in the body using more calories.

Hydroxycut also contains some other ingredients which help with overall weight loss and health.

Hydroxycut bans & false advertising

The manufacturer of Hydroxcut, Muscle Tech were taking to court in 2003 after making false claims about their fat burner. In their ads and on their website they claimed that it was a “clinically proven fat burner”, but there was no clinical proof.

When Hydroxycut first launched in 2004 it contain the dangerous substance Ephedra which was linked to over 16,000 serious side effects. The FDA banned all products contain Ephedra and Hydroxycut was removed from the market. They quickly released an Ephedra free version.

On May 1st 2009, due to 23 reports of serious side effects the FDA issued a health warning to stop using Hydroxycut fat burners. All of their products were recalled and a new formula is back on the shelves.

Hydroxycut side effects

Side effects with fat burners aren’t uncommon. It’s when they start effecting your health and life that they become a problem. Some common side effects experienced with Hydroxycut include:

Dry mouth & throat
Increased heart rated and blood pressure

If you experience any unwanted side effects stop taking the fat burner straight away.

Hydroxycut review conclusion

We highly recommend staying away from any kind of Hydroxcut product. The serious side effects and repeat product recalls make it a scary product and unsafe product. It may be effective for rapid weight loss but why risk it when there are other much safer herbal diet pills on the market that are just as effective.

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