Reductil review UK

Reductil review UKReductil is a common prescription only appetite suppressant diet pill prescribed to obese patients in the UK, America and Canada. It’s a powerful drug weight loss pill drug and patients must be monitored when taking it by Doctors.

You may have heard of it by its American name ‘Meridia’ or by the main ingredient Sibutramine Hydrochloride Monohydrate.

Like all medicines and drugs Doctors prescribe, prescription only diet pills must be clinically proven and be approved by the government.

How does Reductil work?

Sibutramine, the main ingredent works by transmitting messages between nerve cells in the body that enhances the full feeling.

While it falls into the appetite suppressant category, it isn’t technically an appetite suppressant. Reductil blocks the re-uptake of the brain chemicals which help regulate the sense of fullness, which tells you to stop eating.

Reductil works by reducing your overall appetite, rather than suppressing it.

Reductil side effects

Reductil as many known side effects which your Doctor will warn you about.

Dry mouth
Trouble sleeping
Increased blood pressure
Increased heart rate

Doctors will do a full health check, take your age and overall health and age in to account to see if you’re fit enough to take the diet pill. If you do experience any unwanted side effects stop taking the diet pill immediately and visit your GP.

Reductil review conclusion

Reductil is a prescription only diet pill that should only be taken by clinically obese people. Doctors won’t prescribe the pill unless the patient has already tried diet and exercising and has a BMI of 30 or more, with some Doctors it’s 40 or more.

There’s also the side effects to consider. Why put your health under risk when there are several effective natural herbal diet pills available without prescription?

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