Slim Bomb review UK

Slim bomb review UKSlim Bomb’s are a popular UK diet pill, also known by the names “Blue Pill” and “Blue Cap”. They’re made by the UK company DPlan who also produce other weight loss aids and cosmetic products.

These herbal diet pills are designed to help you lose weight and feel more energic by burning fat and suppressing your appetite.

Slim Bombs have been available to buy in the UK for many years, but recently they developed a new formula which is said to be more powerful than ever. Their website shows a success story of a woman from Stockton on Tees losing 3.4st in 8 months.

How does Slim Bomb work?

Slim Bomb diet pills contain a number of different herbal ingredients including caffeine. The UK diet pill works to help you lose weight by burning fat and suppressing appetite.

The thermogenesis is stimulated in the body to increase temperature and burn more calories. Other ingredients work to suppress appetite making you feel less hungry.

Slim Bomb before & after pics

On the DPlan website they show some rather impressive before and after weight loss pics. Tina Sadiq from Stockton on Tees was skeptical about diet pills, she’d heard bad stories about them and thought they were a waste of money. But when one of her close friends said that she had lost loads of weight with Slim Bomb diet pills she had to try them out.

Tina was overweight and unhappy, she started at 12st and after 8 months of using Slim Bomb and eating healthier she went down to an impressive 8st 10lb. In 8 months she lost a massive 3st 4lb (46lb)

Tina Sadiq before after pics

She lost a large amount of excess weight in a safe period of time. She looks so much healthier and happier now.

Slim Bomb side effects

If Slim Bomb UK diet pills are taken too late in the day you may experience some problems sleeping. Other than that, they are a herbal diet pill which contains common ingredients making them fairly safe to take.

Slim Bomb review conclusion

Slim Bomb diet pills have a very impressive weight loss story on their website which may enough to swing some buyers. However, we’ve read mixed reviews about the herbal diet pill online. For some it has worked wonders, for others it hasn’t done anything at all.

The makers claim that you can lose upto 6lbs of weight in just one week, this is probably possible if you are obese and change your diet completely, I doubt it’s possible to lose that amount of weight by just taking the diet pills.

We believe that Slim Bomb’s do work but there are more effective UK diet pills available to you.

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